BC Update 204: Two practice advisories released for earthquake performance

Posted: 23 November 2016

BC Update
The recent Kaikoura earthquake is a timely reminder of the need to ensure good performance of non-structural and secondary structural elements.

MBIE has released two new practice advisories in response to instances of poor performance of non-structural and secondary structural elements in buildings subjected to Canterbury and 2013 Wellington earthquakes. The practice advisories may be updated in the future following learnings from the 14 November earthquake.

The new practice advisories are:

Practice Advisory 19 encourages early engagement of stakeholders and the coordination of design and construction activity. It identifies the Building Regulations requirements and the relevant building standards and recommends structural engineering advice including construction monitoring to achieve effective details.

Practice Advisory 20 alerts building professionals to the need for careful design detailing and construction monitoring of secondary structural elements, such as precast panels and stairs. The Building Regulations requirements and relevant building standards are identified.

Read the Minister’s announcement  on the Parliament website.


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