Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods For New Zealand Building Regulations Clause G6 Airborne and impact sound

All content related to G6 Airborne and impact sound

1st edition, amendment 2

Current version: Effective from 1 December 1995


Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods (AS and VMs) were called compliance documents. Some still have the “compliance document” title but the AS or VMs they contain are valid and unaffected by the name change.

All of the Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods relating to G6 are contained in one document.

  • Defines impact insulation class and sound transmission class.
  • G6/VM1 sets out procedures for airborne and impact sound insulation field tests.
  • G6/ AS1 gives design solutions for the construction of wall, floor and ceiling assemblies.  It contains Figures for the location of building elements for noise control.  It gives details of acceptable wall/floor/ceiling assemblies and junctions for internal and external scenarios.

can be found on the Building RegulationsHub website.


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