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Last updated: 3 May 2018

Liquefaction in a backyard

This guideline is about liquefaction hazards and their effect, including lateral spreading. It describes sources of liquefaction-induced ground deformation and outlines procedures for assessing ground deformation.

Module 3 guideline

Module 3: Identification, assessment and mitigation of liquefaction hazards, and other modules, are available in the earthquake geotechnical engineering practice series.

Module 3 educational resources

Video: Identification, assessment and mitigation of liquefaction hazards

An overview of changes and additions to the old 2010 Module 1 on liquefaction hazards.

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Module 3 events

Find out about a one-day technical seminar run by Engineering New Zealand, called

The seminar was developed with the authors of Module 3 and is designed to extend the learning of:

  • geotechnical engineers, structural engineers or geologists involved in liquefaction assessment
  • people with a sound understanding of simplified liquefaction evaluation procedures
  • or engineers developing skills in liquefaction analysis.

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