Financial Assistance Package scheme

Last updated: 26 July 2016

The Financial Assistance Package (FAP) was a five-year scheme to offer eligible homeowners the certainty of a financial contribution towards repairing their leaky home.

The FAP scheme began on 23 July 2011 and expired on 23 July 2016. New claims received after this date cannot access the scheme. (Note: As 23 July was a Saturday, claims could be received up until midnight Monday 25 July 2016.)

Claimants with an existing eligible claim under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act, who are taking reasonable steps to progress their claim, can still access FAP contributions after 23 July. They should get in touch with their claims advisor to check claim progress and the likely timing of Financial Assistance Package contributions.

Anyone considering making a new claim about a leaky home after 23 July 2016 can either:

  • pursue a claim through the Weathertight Homes Tribunal
  • seek redress through the courts.

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