Financial Assistance Package (FAP) factsheets

If you’re a homeowner repairing your leaky home with the FAP, you can use these factsheets to help you through each part of the process.

Additional contributing parties and in-kind arrangements

You can find out about people who might contribute cash, materials or labour toward your share of the repair costs.

View the Additional contributing parties and in-kind arrangements factsheet.

Approved repairs and costs

You can find information about how we:

  • approves repairs and costs
  • calculates FAP contributions.

View the Approved repairs and costs factsheet.

Associated costs

You can find out about the level of associated costs you might have to pay on an average repair, as well as as how these costs relate to FAP contributions.

View the Associated costs factsheet.


You can learn about the term betterment and what might qualify under the Financial Assistance Package. You can also talk to your designer about this information.

View the Betterment factsheet.

Repair plan example

You and your designer can get an idea of a typical repair plan. This will help your designer prepare your repair plan for approval.

Homeowners and project managers may also find the example useful for:

  • briefing and discussing the work required of designers
  • understanding our requirements at this stage of the process.

View and download the Repair plan example factsheet.

Variations and change requests

Find guidance about:

  • managing variations
  • MBIE’s change request requirements
  • when changes must be made to the scope of repair once repairs have started.

View the Variations and change requests factsheet.

Project management

Find guidance on project management costs and how MBIE assesses them.

View the Project management factsheet.

Design and contract management

You will get an understanding of the role of your designer. You should talk to them about the requirements of repairing a home under the FAP listed in this document, as it will affect their work.

View the Design, plans and management roles factsheet.

Payment plan application

You can read about the payment plan application process.

View the Payment plan application factsheet.

Milestone payments

You can get an understanding of the size and timing of FAP milestone payments.

View the Milestone payment factsheet.

Demolition and rebuild

You can read a summary of the differing requirements, should you choose to demolish and rebuild your home rather than repair it.

View the Demolition and rebuild factsheet.

Final payment claim

You can get guidance about making a claim for a final contribution payment, once your repair is complete.

View the Final payment claim factsheet.

This information is published by the Your home’s Chief Executive. It is a general guide only and, if used, does not relieve any person of the obligation to consider any matter to which the information relates according to the circumstances of the particular case. Expert advice may be required in specific circumstances. Where this information relates to assisting people: