Statutory declaration forms


Statutory Declaration 1[PDF 28 KB]

Use Statutory Declaration 1 for a body corporate claim for unit and common property.

Statutory Declaration 2[PDF 24 KB]

Body corporate claim for common property only.

Statutory Declaration 3[PDF 32 KB]

Company share claim for multi-unit complex.

Statutory Declaration 4[PDF 25 KB]

Company share claim for commonly licensed areas only.

Statutory Declaration 5[PDF 32 KB]

Cross-lease claim for individual and common areas.

Statutory Declaration 6[PDF 32 KB]

Cross-lease claim for common areas only.

Statutory Declaration 7[PDF 11 KB]

Claim for individual unit/flat only.

Statutory Declaration 8[PDF 27 KB]

Stand-alone complex claim.

About these documents

  • Published on 27 April 2016
  • Of interest to Homeowners, Building owners
  • 1st edition


For multi-unit or stand-alone complex weathertight claims where a representative is acting on behalf of owners, a statutory declaration must be completed and attached to the claim form.  A statutory declaration is a written statement signed in the presence of a lawyer, justice of the peace, notary public or other person authorised to take a statutory declaration.

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